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Vacuum Pumps - New, Rebuilt, Parts and Repair - Since 1965

Vacuum pump packages and equipment including a full line of new, used or reconditioned vacuum pumps, blowers, high deposition equipment, vacuum tubing, vacuum fittings, replacement filters, T.C. tubes, thermocouple tubes, thermocouple gauges, ionization tubes, & ionization gauges and cryogenic pump repair.

Whether requiring a single item or a complete manufacturing facility, Evey Engineering has the breadth of inventory to complete your application. Evey Engineering performs vacuum consulting, & with over 40 years of experience in pump maintenance & repair, possesses the quality of resources to meet any system objectives.

Evey Engineering services Roots High Vacuum Boosters, blowers, Alcatel, Galileo, Becker, Pedro Gil, Busch, Edwards, Hull, Hyvac, Kinney, Leybold, MD Pneumatics, Precision Scientific, Stokes, Tuthill, Ulvac, Welch & other major brands. Evey Engineering is also a stocking distributor for Roots Division Dresser Industries Vacuum Boosters.

Please click on a preferred subject & find out how Evey Engineering can cost-effectively fulfill your company's vacuum equipment, vacuum blower, vacuum accessory & vacuum service requirements. E-mail us

Evey offers a free evaluation inspection service for your system. Just pay for shipping and our experts will evaluate your system and compile the details of your needs FREE OF CHARGE.

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